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Dreamers Log — LiveJournal

May. 28th, 2016

02:12 pm

There are always things to do.
But no people to do it with.

Feb. 27th, 2016

03:18 am

Weirdly LJ is the best place to voice out.

03:13 am

After 2 yrs of r/s i got dumped yet again.
Sadness slowly creeping in to haunt me.
Havnt felt so bad since my last breakup.
Wish i can just let it all out like in the past.

Anyway during CNY my nephew wanted my monkey soft toy.
The one in my profile pic which was given by one of my ex.
I hesitated and had to snatch it back from a little boy -_-|||
Not sure why but i really didnt wish to part with the monkey.
Maybe its part of the last happy memory i had in the past :'(

上癮 made me realize how i've wasted great r/s doing stupid things.
Too bad i cant turn back the clock to undo all those mistakes in life.

Apr. 16th, 2014

01:31 am

Havnt post anything on this page for a long time.
In a few hours time i would be 34 yrs old... very old.
Nothing much has change... really nothing much.
Im still very much into gaming... can play all day~
Why cant gaming can be a form of exercise... :'(
Maybe nowadays drink lesser alcohol, dunno why...
Friends also like getting more bz rarely get to meet.
Work is still as MEH~ hopefully can get better... LOL
Hope my life can go on smoothly till the day i die.

Mar. 17th, 2013

10:10 am

Havnt wrote anything for a long time.
Had a dream of attending a funeral.
Should be a relative from mum's side.


Oct. 30th, 2012

09:30 pm

This yr hasnt really been a very healthy yr.
Think i took more sick leave den in the past.
Work is still as tiring, hope will be better soon.
And maybe ppl tat can understand and work tgt.

Aug. 21st, 2012

10:47 pm

Scariest thing happen ytd.
My com POP and died -_-|||
So send in for repair today.
Luckily lunch wasnt bz...
Waste $60 for 3 cab rides.
Replaced the PSU for $100
Wasnt charge for servicing.
Hopefully wont die any more.
At least tahan 2yrs more...

Aug. 20th, 2012

02:48 am

Can't believe I share a btl of vodka.
Only got a few sips and it's empty.
Totally spoil the mood for the nite.
Now I'm wasting money for cab.
Shall not club if there's no liquid buffet.

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Aug. 10th, 2012

12:22 am

Havnt played so much mahjong for a long time.
3 rds of mahjong from 2+pm to almost 10pm -_-|||
Had dinner at 新旺 Yishun before heading home.
Got home earlier thx to Lionel for the ride back.

Aug. 9th, 2012

11:11 am

I realize as a operations manager he is very immature and childish.
Ytd he purposely ordered food, when the kitchen is close, to annoy me.
Maybe he wanna show some authority or wat, cant be bothered LOL.
How to respect some1 tat comes to work, hides in office to play game.
And can stand his 需要你對你好 attitude c liao also 反感, 偽君子...

Dreamt of me shaving my own hair -_-|||
Shaved off the sides and sort of a V shaped look.
Look quite nice in my dream.


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